Phrixus raakt je. Laat het gebeuren..

Naast de begeleiding van spirituele en meditatiesessies speelt de band Phrixus eigen nummers die variëren van ProgRock tot verstilde sferische klanken. De band vindt alles mooi en heeft geen behoefte aan hokjesdenken: als het lekker klinkt gaan ze er voor. Welke naam of omschrijving er ook aan vast zit. Proef hieronder maar eens de smaak van onze nummers door de jaren heen..

2015: Right On The Head

right on  the head

2015: Sandhya Tandava

Sandhya Tandava frontIn 2015 is Phrixus gevraagd door Henriette Verheijen van De Lijfspreuk om een meditatie te begeleiden. In een sessie samen met Henriette ontstond het eerste meditatieve nummer, waarin de muziek zich langzaam ontwikkelt en daarmee de deelnemers van een meditatie laat drijven op de klanken.

Door deze samenwerking heeft Phrixus kans gezien de wereld van de Tandava te betreden. Een wereld waarin het gaat om gevoel, energie en ondergaan. Een wereld die Phrixus past. Op 14 januari inspireerde Phrixus met hypnotiserende soundscapes de deelnemers van een workshop kashmirische Tantra van Daniel Odier. De cd Sandhya Tandava is een samenvatting van de improvisaties van die dag..

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2014: Fair Ends Square

Fair End SquaireTsk, tsk. Phrixus have done it again! It's been only six months since Stubble was released and already now they present their newest album: Fair Ends Square. How they manage to do it, I don't know. But I don't care! Because this new disc of theirs contains some awesome tunes that prove Phrixus is still on top of things.
Take the opener 'Borderline', for example, with its catchy oriental riff that puts you in a rollercoaster frenzy right from the start. Or the jazzy 'Out Of The Closet', with its rich piano chords and soulful synth solos spread out against the constantly pounding bass and drums. Not to mention the weird, ultra short title tune – in fact, the shortest song Phrixus ever recorded – with its crazy juxtaposition of fast vibraphone soloing and stuttering rectified guitar. The other six songs – two of which were recorded in 2012 during the sessions for Swapped (2013), but didn't make it to the album then – are just as tasty. My final verdict: a must-have for the true Phrixus fan.

2013: Stubble

StubbleIt’s been ten years since Phrixus recorded their very first song, 'Dississis'. Now they present their already fourteenth album, called Stubble. The album title refers to Etienne 'Stoppel' Stekelenburg, who for the duration of nearly a year played with the band, first on drums to replace Henk Nagtegaal and later on bass guitar, creating an opportunity for regular bassist Hans to pick up the guitar, thus adding to the wealth of the Phrixus sound.

I think the Phrixus fan base will be grateful for Stoppel’s contribution to the band. For this new album is really good. As always, the songs are firmly rooted in (prog)rock tradition, but some of them display a cocky poppiness that’s rather refreshing. Also, the use of the acoustic guitar enables the band to explore a wider variety of musical moods.

Stubble tells the story of Snorkel, a young man who is too timid and clumsy to start and maintain satisfactory love affairs and who ..

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2013: Swapped

Swapped front small 200Hearing a new Phrixus album for the first time is like unwrapping an unexpected present, given to you by a close friend. Whatever the content may be, you know it'll be perfect. So prepare yourself for yet another of Phrixus' surprise gifts: Swapped.

And a surprise it is, for sure! After the last two Phrixus albums, which were completely instrumental, the band has swapped to vocals again. The star of the album is their new singer Jan Willem Swaters, aka Swap, who renders his intense lyrics in punk-like fashion, neatly contrasting with the progrock sound that built the band's fame.

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Hammer On

The Chase

2012: Dumpster Diving

Dumpster Diving front small 200Towards the end of 2008 my rather eccentric – or should I say erratic? – lifestyle had landed me in a nasty situation. I faced all kinds of financial, physical and social problems, got evicted by my landlord because I hadn't paid the rent for months and, after a short stay at a friend's place, was forced to live on the streets.

I went off the radar completely and it took the boys in the band some time to track me down. By the time they did I was in a mess. I mean really in a mess: drugs, depression, booze, violence, theft, the whole works. The band was quick to decide that they'd do anything to help me back on track again, even if this meant giving up their music for a while. And that's just what they did. Thanks to their genuine friendship I found the strength to recover from this nightmare and make a new start..

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Hole In My Shoe

2011: Darkness

darkness front 200With this new album the band is back where they started in 2003, playing only instrumental music. But it’s not a perfect circle, it’s more like an outward spiral, each new circle starting at a higher level.

Just listen to ‘Darkness’ and you’ll get the point soon enough. The album gives you a pretty good idea of the way the band’s sound has evolved over the years. It contains eight pieces of high compositional quality, with more harmonic consistency and melodic direction than Phrixus’ earlier work, and above all with more simplicity. Less is more!
Although there are no lyrics, the songs do have a story to tell. As is clear from the poems accompanying the songs, Darkness is about..

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The Spectres Of This City - part 1&2

Assassination Of A Choir Boy

2010: Say No More

say no more front small 200I think it’s best to leave it at that and keep my laptop shut for once. Let music work its way! – Jaap de Boer (Phrixus management)

Now that I’ve opened my laptop anyway, I think it won’t do any harm to add this little footnote to enlighten you on the fact that this album contains a selection of the best songs Phrixus put forth in the seven years of its existence. But it is not the kind of crappy ‘Best of…’ compilation that you normally find, with only old tracks and just the one never-released song thrown in to spice things up.

True enough, four of the songs were previously released in (more or less) the same version, but that still leaves you with three newly recorded ‘old’ songs the band made new arrangements for, plus one brand new song.

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Poor Mans Home Recording

2009: It Kind Of Grows On You

it kind of grows on you front 200On this eighth Phrixus album the musicianship and experimental mood of its predecessor are taken one step further.
Lyrics are few, the focus is on the instrumental side of the music. This is more out of necessity than by choice: in July 2008, just after the cd Eternal Snow had been released, lead singer Cynthia Kuijper decided to leave Phrixus and devote her energy to other musical activities. The Art Of Noise was the last project she participated in, all tracks for that album having been recorded before she left. The only track on this new album Cynthia sang on is 'It Won't Go Away', the last song the band recorded with her.
The songs on It Kind Of Grows On You were inspired by a story about a lunatic who suffers from all kinds of imaginary diseases. In his more lucid moments he may be aware..

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No Eggs For Easter

2009: The Art Of Noise

the art of noise front 200This seventh Phrixus album combines instrumental prowess with intimate lyrics and some of the most stunning vocalizations.
The band doesn't shun the experiment and their mix of styles is simply incredible.
The Art Of Noise is a true gem! – Jaap de Boer (manager)

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Looking for Somebody

Million Suns

2008: Totally Phrixus (The German Tapes)

totally phrixus the german tapes front 200It's been less than two months since Phrixus put forth their album Eternal Snow, and already now they release their next cd called Totally Phrixus, a 75 minute live registration of their spring tour through Germany.
I can't think of a better way to celebrate the fact that they've been in the spotlight for five years now!
Totally Phrixus offers the listener an overview of five gigs the band did in Frankfurt, Venkel, Pickel and Spürm. To me the album clearly shows that Phrixus can live up to their reputation in a live setting. I hope you come to the same judgement.
Enjoy! – Jaap de Boer (Phrixus management)

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Up in Smoke

2008: Eternal Snow

eternal snow front 200With Eternal Snow, their long-awaited fifth album, the band Phrixus has certainly reached its highest peak thus far.

The album offers nine tightly-knit compositions, ranging from slow, tuneful ballads like 'Honolulu Lost' and 'Always' to more rock-oriented songs like 'Snow' and 'Insomniac's Lullaby'.
As is clear from the lyrics, the songs invariably deal with strong, sometimes even personal emotions. In this respect each track is a showcase for lead singer Cynthia Kuijper, who convincingly shows that she's perfectly capable of getting different moods and emotions across to the listener.

For the band members the release of the album itself has strong emotional overtones, too. Most fans will know that Phrixus went through a bad patch after a fire destroyed the original recordings for this album. It took the band over two years to re-record all songs. Of course they are..

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Sad Skies

Honolulu Lost

2007: Doubt

doubt front small 200The past 18 months have been hard on Phrixus. After losing their studio, equipment and most of their instruments in a fire in February 2006, the band was very downcast.
In the first half year rehearsals were few and they recorded only a handful of songs, having to borrow or hire instruments and equipment as well as studio time. Friction between band members and doubts and differences about the musical direction made things only worse. All in all it took them almost a year to get their vibes back.
Towards the end of 2006 they asked me, as a friend, to become their manager and help them find a suitable place that could be turned into a studio. I consented and started looking around. In January 2007 I stumbled upon an old office building in their home town that offered more than enough space and just the right atmosphere. Rebuilding and..

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Which Witch

2006: Strange Fruits

strange fruits front 200Having released two instrumental albums, Phrixus began to feel the need for a vocal dimension to their music.
In May 2005 female singer Cynthia Kuijper, with whom Phrixus had recorded some songs earlier that year, was invited to join the band. The rest of the year was spent writing, rehearsing and recording songs for their next cd, to be released in the spring of 2006.
Then disaster struck. A fire burned down the Phrixus studio and destroyed all instruments and equipment as well as the material recorded for the upcoming album. It really freaked me out when I heard this had happened on February 28, exactly two years after I'd seen them play for the first time!
The band members could only retrieve two or three of the recorded songs and some snippets of material from their home computers, not nearly enough for one cd. Then Rens, to his great surprise, discovered a bunch of long-forgotten songs from the early days that had been sitting on his computer for almost two years. And it was pretty hot stuff!
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Smile Child

2005: Ugly Moods

ugly moods front 200Stunned by the unexpected success of their debut album Sad Skies and the consecutive heavy touring schedule, Phrixus was forced to postpone the release of their second cd for several months.
The basic tracks for the album had already been recorded before Sad Skies was even released, but the band simply couldn't find the time to edit the material.
I think it's safe to say that the waiting has been worthwhile. Like its predecessor, Ugly Moods explores a wide range of musical ideas and influences, drawing from jazz, blues, progrock and symphonic rock. But the songs are less polished. They vibrate with spontaneity and leave ample room for improvisation, which adds a refreshing rawness to the music.
Ugly Moods tells the story of Alphen aan den Rijn, Phrixus' hometown. From the opening track 'Little Alphen' to the title track 'Ugly Moods' the music paints a ..
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Villa Parkzicht

2004: Sad Skies

sad skies front 200Imagine yourself walking down a deserted street, on a cold and wintry evening. A fierce wind is ripping right through you, the cold seems to be eating you from within. You're in desperate need of a drink, so you decide to enter the first pub you come across and have a stiff one.
This is precisely how I felt on February 28, 2004. I'd come to Alphen aan den Rijn that Saturday to do some business, but it hadn't been too good. I was on my way back home, but I was so cold I had to get inside a pub and get warm first. I entered some place, went straight to the bar and ordered a double whiskey. While the barman was pouring my drink I turned my attention to the small stage I had passed upon entering. Apparently a band was just getting ready to play. I took my drink and sat down to listen..

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Mysteryland 27 & 28 Augustus 2016

Phrixus gaat Mysterieus! Dit jaar geeft Phrixus voor het eerst acte de presence op het befaamde Mysteryland. Phrixus zal hier behalve het begeleiden van Henriette Versteijnen bij een ontspannings meditatie ook een set van Progressive Soundscapes ten gehore brengen. 160828_mysteryland_BB-1En dat alles om de de bezoekers van Mysteryland weer nieuwe energie te geven. De moeite waard!

Healing Garden 21 Mei 2016

Als vaste begeleidingsband op de Tandave meditatieavond van Henriette Versteijnen zal Phrixus ook dit jaar op het Healing Garden festival optreden. healinggardenOm 13:00 uur begeleiden we Henriette bij een meditatie om het publiek naar een hoger spiritueel niveau te begeleiden. Om 15:00 zal Phrixus een eigen set van Progressive Soundscapes ten gehore brengen. Kortom: beleef het mee!

Tandava Meditaties 2016

Op 24 maart, 26 mei, 22 september, 3 november en 8 december speelt Phrixus bij de Tandave meditatieavonden van Henriette in Amsterdam.